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Biophilia by Bjork

Biophilia is the musical project by singer Bjork and her eighth full length studio album. Biophilia comes four years after Bjork's previous studio album called Volta. The album was partially recorded on an iPad and will also be released as a series of apps as well as the standard releases.
radioheads ninth studio album a moon shaped pool

A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

A Moon Shaped Pool is the, critically acclaimed, 9th studio album from British rock band Radiohead. It was available on 8 May 2016 through download followed by the physical copy being released on 17 June. The album was produced with the help of Radiohead's long time producer Nigel Gordrich and released through XL Recordings.

The singles Burn the Witch and Daydreaming were released shortly before A Moon Shaped Pool within a few days of each other. Radiohead also kept the album name a secret up until a couple of days before its release. A special edition of A Moon Shaped Pool will be released in September 2016 containing two additional tracks and added artwork.

Radiohead intermittently worked on A Moon Shaped Pool, in the southern France, after completion of their 2012 tour for their previous album The King of Limbs. A Moon Shaped Pool contains several songs that were written some years earlier. The song Present Tense dates back to 2008, Burn the Witch to 2000, and True Love Waits to at least 1995.

The album features arrangements of choral vocals and strings by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood which were performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra. A Moon Shaped Pool also combines electronic elements like synthesisers and drum machines with acoustic elements such as piano and acoustic guitar.

A Moon Shaped Pool was received very positively from both critics and fans alike. The album went to the number one spot in the UK as well as many other countries.