strange scene with naked man in the count lucanor talking to an npc in the count lucanor npc now buthered surrounded by demonic goats hans leaving home and his mother to go on his adventure hans solving a puzzle in the count lucanor

Indie Game The Count Lucanor Review

nightmarish indie game by barogue decay games the count lucanor
Release Date: 3 March 2016
Developed By: Baroque Decay Games
Genre: 2d, Indie, Fantasy, RPG, Horror, Adventure
Music By: Johann Sebastian Bach
Game Modes: Single-player
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
The Count Lucanor available for pc
can be played on linux
 is available for apple mac
Official Website:
Available to purchase from:
available to purchase from steam

Barogue Decay Games The Count Lucanor Description

The Count Lucanor is an Indie game developed by Baroque Decay Games which is set in a fantasy fairytale world beautifully created in a retro style, halfway between an 8 and 16 bit design. The game has been inspired by classic games like The Legend of Zelda, Silent Hill, Yume Nikki, Dark Souls, and more.

The Count Lucanor tells the story of Hans, a poor boy who lives with his mother near the woods. After leaving home and getting lost in the woods he encounters a kobold who tricks Hans to going into a castle where is subsequently trapped until he can guess the kobolds name.

Hans' journey throughout The castle will lead you through a fantasy world full of adventure, surprises, puzzles, and challenges. Converse with the NPCs with some strange, wonderful, and outright disturbing dialogue. Experience the alternative endings determined by the choices made along the journey.

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