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Some people don't like Ben Affleck simply because he was one half of "Bennifer" - his relationship with Jennifer Lopez and the tabloid lot that came with it. But, I for one, am a fan. Take away stuff like Pearl Harbour, Gigli, and Daredevil, and this man can act. And act well. Now, it seems, he has proven himself as an excellent director. The under-rated 2007 movie Gone Baby Gone and 2010's brilliant The Town witnessed Affleck's first two gigs in the directors chair. His third effort, Argo, sees him as not only director and actor but also as producer. It's his best directed movie too.

The movie itself is based around the 1979 Iranian crisis and the events that became known as the Canadian Caper. Amid the chaos of when Iranian militants storm the US Embassy in Tehran in retaliation for the nation's sheltering the recently deposed Shah, more than 50 of the staff are taken as hostages, but six escape and hide in the home of the Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor (Victor Garber). With the diplomats situation kept a secret, the US State Department look for ways to get them safely out of Iran. No easy task. At this point, CIA agent Tony Mendez (Affleck), leads the rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran under the guise that the diplomats were indeed actually Canadians scouting for a location for a forthcoming major Hollywood picture called "Argo" in the Iranian capital. A crazy idea but one, believe it or not, is true.

At times, the movie is tense, exciting and occasionally darkly comic. An excellent ensemble cast, including John Goodman, Victor Garber, Bryan Cranston and Kerry Bishe, make it one of 2012's finest films. Argo has an energy that sweeps the viewer along right up to the tarmac-chase at Tehran airport in the climax.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Well, yes. That's Hollywood for you.

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